Just the beginning of my Story

My name is Prince James Story, and I am an Arizona State University Graduate. I received my Master's degree in Sports Journalism in December 2021 from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. 

During my undergraduate career, I majored in Communications and African American Studies.

I am an intersectional journalist, Prince's passion for social justice informs and guides his reporting. He brings a trauma-informed approach to issues that impact this nation's most marginalized and vulnerable populations.

My role as a journalist is to inform the public of social inequities and discriminatory practices that are taking place across the nation, amplify the voices of those in these communities who are harmed by these practices, and hold public officials and policymakers accountable to their constituents.

I want to open doors for the next generation of journalists of color. To diversify newsrooms across America. To make sure everyone's stories are being told honestly and accurately.